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Southampton Cedar Creek site plan pending


Concerns with future sidewalks, facades and landscaping were voiced by Town councillors during a recent review of the proposed Cedar Creek site plan, a 25 townhouse development on Peel St. that would extend the Southampton Landing subdivision.

Saving existing trees “where possible” and planting a mix of new varying species and heights are part of the proposed site plan that councillors reviewed for information and comment.

In a report, Mark Paoli, director of development services, said the trees would help buffer the development along Peel St. and beautify the entrance.

Potential buffering was a potential issue for Mayor Luke Charbonneau who said they don’t want the residential development to limit use of the adjacent Town works yard.

Paoli said the design calls for the garages that don’t “dominate” the frontage, a potential issue for Deputy mayor Diane Huber who asked staff to pay attention to the streetscape.

“The front yard to development is facing Peel but that’s actually that back yard to the unit so any great attention that can be given to landscaping… whatever we can do to keep that looking good- that’s great,” Huber said.

Coun. Bud Halpin suggested it’s time for a sidewalk on Peel S.t, along Railway St. (Highway 21) to join up with existing sidewalk that ends in front of the drug store.

“We’re certainly increasing residential usage in that area and you know, if we want active transportation… sidewalks need to be a really big part of that, as well,” Halpin said.

Paoli said the Town intends to collect a cash contribution from the developer to help pay for future sidewalk construction for this site, and could look at the overall sidewalk program in the future.

He said staff recommends approval of the Cedar Creek drawings subject to any comments from councillors and subject to negotiation of an agreement with the developer.

The Town CAO has the final approval authority on site plans.





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